Outplacement and Corporate & Public Sector Reorganisation

Let MDN Consulting’s Outplacement and Corporate & Public Sector Reorganisation service help your organisation to downsize with dignity.

The employee termination process brought about by corporate restructure or similar, is a challenging and emotional process and if handled poorly, can have a lasting negative impact on your company’s operation and image.

By treating the affected employees with dignity, tact and understanding, the MDN
Outplacement or Career Transition Service offers companies a way to minimise risks while protecting their brand and position in the marketplace.

MDN Consulting can develop a tailored transition strategy for your organisation that will:

  • Ease the stress and guilt on managers that must perform the termination
  • Maintain a professional company image and reputation
  • Reflect your organisation’s values
  • Provides a strategic approach for the entire organisation
  • Reduce the risk of affecting existing employee morale and productivity
  • Prevent unwanted legal action for unfair or wrongful dismissal
  • Demonstrate concern for the well being and future of redundant employees

MDN Consulting offers individual Career Transition services or larger scale Outplacement programmes.

Outplacement and Corporate & Public Sector Reorganisation


Corporate & Public Sector Reorganisation

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