Career Transition

By partnering with MDN Consulting for this important time in your life, you will work with a team that understands the challenges and opportunities a career transition creates.  Our four step approach ensures all bases are covered and provides you with the best step forward to achieving your new career goals.

1. Getting Your “Head” Right
During this phase, there is a need to establish an appropriate understanding and acknowledgement of your goals and vision, strengths and weaknesses, skills and experience and to develop a set of realistic expectations (including those around remuneration and income), based on a personal SWOT analysis.

This allows you to identify any vulnerabilities in skills, attitudes or role biases that will need to be taken into account in targeting your preferred employment or business strategy. Equally it is important to identify those particular strengths, which you should leverage for greatest success.

It is also necessary to consider from the outset what employment or business/lifestyle balance and model you might be contemplating e.g. contract, project or consulting work, a Directorship, full-time or part-time work, voluntary work/work experience, buying or taking equity in an existing business
etc., and then analyse the risks, returns and potential targets for each scenario.

Adopting the right attitude toward seeking out and selecting opportunities is an important part of the challenge. Getting your head in a position to strategise your search is an important step with any career transition.

2. Getting The “Paperwork” Right
Once your head is clear and your direction set, it is important to ensure that the documentation presenting your profile to the market is the most communicative and enticing that it can be. Your resume/curriculum vitae, flyers, business cards, skills and talent inventories, application letters, responses to selection criteria, website, marketing material, etc, all need to project an image that differentiates you favourably from other competitors in the market.

3. Getting The “Mouth” Right
By far the most important selling point for your professionalism is your own personal presentation style. Whether at a formal interview, informal networking, providing presentations or other forms of verbal promotion, your presence and the manner in which you articulate your strengths and positive attributes can be the key to successfully obtaining that opportunity you seek. Our career transition specialists are experienced in such matters and can assist you greatly in preparing for important interviews.

4. Getting The “Marketing and Networking” Right
Exposure to relevant and accessible opportunities is a key element in the success of your career transition. Having prepared your “head”/attitude, your paperwork and your presentation skills, your introduction to the appropriate networks, contacts, advertising vehicles, industry and business forums can be a highly value-adding component of your transition plan. Tapping simultaneously into the “visible” and “hidden” job markets, is critical. The “Hidden Job Market” in Australia is extensive and can only be accessed with the right contacts. With nearly 15 years in the recruitment business MDN Consulting has built an extensive network of contacts covering a wide spectrum of industries and locations.

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