Individual Career/ Business Transition and Mentoring & Coaching

Given global economic conditions, many professionals are currently taking stock of their achievements, future challenges, remuneration, job security and satisfaction levels. They frequently contact us to talk through their career, business and work/life balance issues.

Your commitment to making a career transition and a new life hinges on being as well prepared as you can be to seize the opportunities that await you. Investing some time and effort in carefully planning your transition will maximise your chance of success.

Accepting that you do not need to face the challenge alone will help give you the confidence to step out with firm resolve to give it your best shot. Contacting friends, colleagues, and associates who may have made the transition before you, often provides valuable advice or alternatively seeking out an appropriate service provider like MDN Consulting with leading Career Transition services can be a worthwhile investment.

The MDN Consulting Career Transition/Coaching processes and related Outplacement and Mentoring programs essentially tackle the four key areas of successful transition:

  • Getting your “head” right (e.g. planning, analysis, skills leverage, remuneration, potential targets and roles, etc)
  • Getting the paperwork right (e.g. resume, flyers, application letters, responses to key selection criteria, etc)
  • Getting your verbal presentation right (e.g. mock interviews, presentations and networking scenarios)
  • Getting your marketing and networking right (e.g. tapping effectively into the hidden and visible job markets).

Successful transition is achieved through mentoring, personal experience, contacts and connections as well as access to employment opportunities.

For more information, download our Career Transition, Outplacement and Mentoring flyer, which are also available in our Resource Centre.

Individual Career/ Business Transition and Mentoring & Coaching

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