Strategic Planning Seminars

In the current climate of financial and economic uncertainty, both business and government organisations are closely considering not only how to navigate through these rough seas but fundamentally whether the destination they are heading for is still valid. Suddenly strategic direction is front of mind again.

Clarity of thinking is a critical attribute when organisations seek to redefine their strategic direction and it is often the case that assistance from a skilled external resource can help to really focus that thinking.

MDN Consulting has a strong track record of helping organisations and their executives develop strategic thinking and thus explore new and creative opportunities to capitalise on their business strengths. Our expert facilitation of strategic planning workshops with key executives has produced highly effective results for both private and public sector organisations in:

  • Clarifying desired outcomes
  • Understanding the drivers of the business and the environment in which it operates
  • Developing effective and practical strategies
  • Identifying and managing business risk
  • Managing physical, human and financial resources to achieve short and long-term targets

Now is the time to re-establish the direction which will help your organisation not only survive, but prosper in challenging times.

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