Organisational Assessment

MDN Consulting offer a comprehensive process to conduct an organisational “health check”.

This provides you with vital information about all aspects of your business, internally (via employees) and externally (via customer and economic data).

Used wisely, this process of organisational review can be a very powerful tool to face and respond to the current global economic conditions and ultimately to drive future success.

The methodologies, concepts and approach are infinitely valuable to any organisation. The following broadly outlines our approach:

a) Initial Consultation with you to develop a clear understanding of:

  • Purpose of the organisational review
  • Organisational Culture
  • Resources to be used
  • Potential issues that could eventuate
  • Pertinent issues that need to be addressed
  • Results that you would ultimately like to achieve
  • Collection of external client survey and other relevant external data

b) Questionnaire Design based on the vital issues identified in the Initial Consultation stage.

c) Data Collation/Analysis/Synthesis – the data from the questionnaires is
collated, analysed and synthesised, to determine the key issues/perceptions/views of the participants, and the general ‘themes’ that need to be addressed and considered, aligned also to external data.

d) Workshops are then facilitated. Each group is ultimately instructed to:

  • Choose 3-5 key priority areas that they believe they can directly influence.
  • Establish action plans for potential resolution
  • Determine who is going to be responsible for implementation

e) A Detailed Report of the organisational review is presented to, and discussed with, your senior management team outlining the priority issues, suggested action plans and potential resolutions. Our input and report provides a blueprint for planning and implementing actions that require attention.

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