Public and Private Sector Board Selection

MDN Consulting understands that board composition is one of the most important determinants of board effectiveness — so selecting the right board members is crucial to successful board functioning, good governance and long term sustainability of your organisation.

MDN Consulting’s Board Recruitment consultants are experienced in the identification and selection of all categories of Board members including Executive, Non-Executive, and Advisory.

When selecting board members we take into consideration the key requirements and issues facing board members in today’s corporate climate such as:

  • The core business skills, knowledge and personal qualities required by contemporary Boards and their respective members.
  • Sensitivities associated with remuneration issues.
  • Networks and contacts that certain Board members need to have.
  • The evolving complexity of Board agendas with their mixture of traditional and emerging considerations including:
    • Fiduciary and legal obligations as well as financial performance
    • Risk Management
    • Corporate and social responsibility in community and environmental areas
    • Workplace Relations (IR and HR)
    • Workplace Health and Safety
    • Ethics and corporate reputation
    • Strategic focus
  • The need to select Directors using independent, thorough and comprehensive interview and selection processes including detailed and documented reference and background checks. The days of simply appointing “your mates” without independent and due process, have long gone!

Our experienced team of Board Recruitment Consultants have a proven track record in successfully filling board positions by using the resources from our extensive network along with our comprehensive search and selection methods.

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